Enriching the lives of our customers

With multiple awards over the years, Lovonus Microfinance Bank continues to distinguish itself in the financial service industry across Africa. We are at the forefront of innovation on the continent as we aim to deliver excellent services to our customers.


Lovonus Microfinance Bank Account gives you the advantages of competitive interest rates and the availability of your funds, without forfeiture of interest in case of withdrawal. The account may be owned by an individual, an organization or an association.You are also entitled to the Lovonus Microfinance Bank ATM debit card


Lovonus Microfinance Bank Current Account provides you with unlimited access to your money at all times. You can manage your business, execute your payments and receive your salary through this account. It is available to both individuals and corporate bodies.You are also entitled to the Lovonus Microfinance Bank Cheque Books


Experience a highly personalized approach to business banking that offers creative financial solutions for your business. See what you require to open a Limited Liability Company account and start to enjoy banking solutions that mean business.


Lovonus Fixed Deposit Products are one of the most competitive in the industry due to our settings and constraints, our customers enjoy good rates and flexible holding time with little to no added fees


Enjoy our enterprise account specially tailored to meet your business needs and provide financial solutions for your business.

Lovonus Microfinance Bank is licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria under the Bank & Other Financial Institution Act (BOFIA) of 1991 (as amended) and the National Microfinance Regulatory and Supervisory Framework of December 2009