We’re excited to introduce you to our e-banking platform and show you all the features we have lined up to make banking anywhere. 

We are all about your convenience. You can bank safely and securely with us from any location and on any device. Navigate through the our improved interface.


The Lovonus Microfinance Bank Verve Card is a debit card, widely accepted in major ATMs, POS and other Retail Outlets in Nigeria (that are Verve Card Compliant). It offers our customers ultimate convenience and control of available funds in their Account. You are assured access to your funds Nationwide.


Lovonus Micro Finance Bank Mobile is a FREE mobile banking app in Nigeria. Every client can perform all the available transactions free of charge. Lovonus Micro Finance Bank Mobile is fast, secure and convenient and enables you to execute basic banking transactions from your Lovonus Micro Finance Bank account through your mobile phone. Avaible on Google Playstore


With Lovonus you can be assured that transferred made from any bank NIBSS guarantees instant value to beneficiaries with our Instant Payments We offer the following: - Increased convenience on Fund Transfers - Payment processing efficiency, increased liquidity and reduced payment risks.

We have built our services around to meet our ever changing customer needs, particularly with our digital banking offerings.

Point Of Sale(POS)

Lovonus Microfinance Bank -POS is a portable device that facilitates payments of bills and withdrawals at your location using debit /credit cards from any banking institution. Our POS is designed to offer you utmost security and convenience of accepting debit and credit card transactions done with Visa, Verve and MasterCard cards issued both in Nigeria and Overseas. With Lovonus Microfinance Bank-POS terminals your business is positioned for growth while eliminating risk associated with cash handling.

Lovonus Microfinance Bank is licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria under the Bank & Other Financial Institution Act (BOFIA) of 1991 (as amended) and the National Microfinance Regulatory and Supervisory Framework of December 2009